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Compelling visuals can change the way people think and casual communications are a vital part of a trial attorney's arsenal.  Extensive research on learning and memory offers a number of compelling reasons to use visual aids in courtroom applications:

  • Between 75% and 85% of human learning occurs visually.
  • Visual presentations are twice as persuasive as oral arguments.
  • People immediately forget as much as 2/3 of what they hear.
  • Juror retention increases 100% when visual, rather than oral, presentations are given
  • Juror retention increases 650% when both a visual and an oral presentation is used.

Now you can use the latest courtroom presentation software to utilize this invaluable research and to create for more effective, influential arguments.

Our tools translate bland verbal content into persuasive evidentiary demonstrations that make a vivid impression on juries.  Thousands of hours of courtroom experience enable our skilful, professional staff to create powerful, effective presentations that have a profound impact on your ability to communicate evidence.


Our Services:

  • Consulting
  • Scanning (Black & White / Color)
  • Video digitizing
  • Video to text synchronizing
  • Image load files
  • Demonstrative evidence
  • Software sales & support
  • Courtroom set-up and equipment rental


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