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Is your firm as competitive as it could be?  Effective utilization of changing technologies can mean the difference between fortune and failure in meeting client demands, accommodating case requirements and being a respected leader in litigation management.

Our insight into the legal industry, combined with superior equipment and exceptional service, puts you where you need to be: Increasing efficiency, driving up success rates and improving the bottom line.  Myriad is the trusted choice among law firms, corporate counsel and governmental agencies for scanning and processing sensitive documents.  With multiple high-speed, high-volume, high-efficiency scanning stations and 100% quality controlled production, Myriad's fast, accurate service and unimpeachable integrity make us a premium resource for legal imaging requirements.

Our superbly trained, experienced scanner operators handle your delicate originals with the greatest care and we never require customers to sacrifice purchasing freedom in order to obtain our superior services.  Instead of tying you to costly proprietary solutions, we facilitate the exchange of electronic images and data between multiple parties and software platforms.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • 10,000 pages processed per hour
  • Quality control - every image is reviewed for accuracy
  • Standard 300 dpi resolution
  • Double-sided document scanning capability
  • Single or multi page image formats
  • Color & large format scanning
  • Variety of formats, including TIF, PDF, JPG and more
  • Permanent image endorsing
  • Quality OCR on paper based files
  • Capture existing bates numbers
  • Load files compatible with any database application
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