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Myriad provides full online document review services for law firms, corporations and governmental agencies.  Our online review tools are designed to be intuitive for casual users and powerful enough to support advanced users seeking sophisticated search / filter results.

Whether you need a quick investigative look at your data to perform an early case assessment or you need to perform a full review of all documents for production purposes -- Myriad can assist!

Our gaol is simple -- to provide you with the benefit and convenience of accessing and reviewing your electronically stored information (ESI) online without the high overhead cost associated with performing this task in-house.

We offer rubust and effective solutions, including advanced analytics to perform document reviews -- supported by highly skilled and knowledgeable project management team to support you in culling through large volumes of data in an efficient manner.

Clients may take advantage of key features and project support services, such as:

  • Assigned Project Management (PM) Team Members
    • Project planning, workflow & review process support
    • Project reporting
    • Training & technical support
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Near-Duplciate identification and side-by-side comparison viewer
    • Conceptual Analysis
    • Email Relationship Analysis
    • Email Thread Anaylsis
    • Email Suppression
  • DeNist & De-Duplicate Files
  • Searching & Filtering
  • Natively Review Files
  • Tagging (individual or by group)
  • TIFF On The Fly
  • Redacting
  • Drag & Drop Files Into Folders
  • Custom Define User Access Profiles (restrict and/or grant privileges)

Project Management

Easy to start

Myriad's project management team brings extensive expertise in guiding clients through the minefield of managing eDiscovery and generating productions.

Comprehensive Reporting

Modern Design

Comprehensive reporting to assist you with understanding document populations, review and production processes. If you can think it, we can create it with customizable reporting..

Streamlined Process

Modern Design

Myriad's all-in-one streamlined approach to eDiscovery is a powerful and efficient method to organize the puzzle pieces, so you can understand the big picture.

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