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Relationship Analyzer provides the capability to identify and group all email communications by custodians or other email participants by content, date filter or network domain

Key Features of the Relationship Analyzer:

  • Visually identify high-volume communications between collected custodians early in a matter before reviewing unnecessary data
  • Visually identify communications between known custodians and unknown parties to help you comply with all requirements of a discovery order
  • Visually identify who sent and who received important documents
  • Visually map all parties involved in a matter and understand communication patterns between each
  • Analyze communications between custodians in a timeline and/or map densities between multiple points in time
  • Fully integrated technology -- at no additional cost

Project Management

Easy to start

Myriad's project management team brings extensive expertise in guiding clients through the minefield of managing eDiscovery and generating productions.

Comprehensive Reporting

Modern Design

Comprehensive reporting to assist you with understanding document populations, review and production processes. If you can think it, we can create it with customizable reporting..

Streamlined Process

Modern Design

Myriad's all-in-one streamlined approach to eDiscovery is a powerful and efficient method to organize the puzzle pieces, so you can understand the big picture.

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